Aroma Lounge

The word “Aroma” means a combination of what we taste and what we smell – it’s a sensation which is difficult to separate from flavour. Without our sense of smell, our only taste sensations would be sweet, sour, salty and bitter. The aroma contributes to the flavours we discern on our plates. We are Aroma Lounge, the best Indian restaurant in Wembley, London.

Our Specials

The Bar

We have a spacious bar with a capacity of over 50 guests both sitting and standing. There are two projectors on each side of the bar where you can enjoy various sports as well as occasional movie screening.

We do offer the bar and restaurant space for meetings, functions, parties and even movie screenings. Having a car park that can accommodate over 20 cars would just add the bonus.

In terms of beverages we have a wide selections of alcoholic as well as non- alcoholic drinks. We would advise you to come and try it for yourself.


* We strongly advise customers to drink responsibly.

* We would not sell alcohol to an individual who is under 18.

Aroma Lounge bar


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